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Machine-Building Plant ElectroMashStan designs and manufactures profile-bending, cutting and rolling and special equipment for processing of light-gauge sheet metal and is leading Ukrainian manufacturer and exporter to neighboring countries and beyond.

Within 24 years, the enterprise has produced more than one thousandautomated lines and packaged units of different complexity and application that are utilized in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Rumania, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Latvia, Armenia, Estonia, Belarus, Lithuania, Israel, Kirghizia, Tajikistan, Iraq, Syria, and Finland.

Machinebuilding company ElectroMashStan has advanced metalworking machinery equipment and performs the whole manufacturing cycle of details and construction units for the further assembly and testing of Automated lines ofrolling of special profiles,profiled sheeting, cable trays, Automated linesof rolling of steel siding, batten fences, metal tile sheets, finishing roof and façade accessories, drainage facilities, Automated lines of structural section profiles for pre-cut method and installing of gypsum-cardboard sheets and slitting-and-shearing line of coiled steel and other optional equipment.

We use materials and componentsproduced by the leading global producers.State-of-the-industry machinery equipment, high-precision metalworking machines and instruments provide high quality precision machining of parts of any complexity.

Making use of own gathered engineering experience and learning the global experience of machine industryour company permanently progresses and continues to improve constructions and manufacturing technology of equipment.

EnterpriseElectroMashStan will design manufacture reliable and state-of-the-art equipmentwith the best engineering solutionsand taking into account all your requirements related to the productivity and automation level.